About All-Tech

All-Tech Weighing Bench Area with Scales

A 4-year Air Force veteran trained in electronics, All-Tech owner, Ed Deveault, knows scales. He started work at All-Tech in 1980 and purchased the company in 1986.

All-Tech has serviced companies in all industries such as lumber, paper, manufacturing, paving and aggregates, blueberry, potato, textile, food and fish processing, recycling, scrap metal, municipalities, health and wellness.  In over 60 years of business, they have seen it all and been able to design and install scales of all types in all sorts of environments.

All-Tech has installations in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. With over 100 years of combined service experience, All-Tech’s sales and service team will ensure you get the attention you deserve and the right scale for the job.

Every technician carries a smartphone with the ability to record inspection results and upload them to the cloud-based system available to the company. The smartphones also allow for quick dispatching and route changes as work orders arrive.

We are considerate of the environment and are pleased we were able to eliminate paper records. We have also been able to cut down on gas by using a GPS system on our vehicles and doing electronic dispatching.

Our mass standards (Test Weights) are certified annually at an accredited laboratory that is recognized by N.I.S.T., OWM (National Institute of Standard and Technology, Office of Weights and Measures) under the Laboratory Metrology Program at Mass Echelon III and are traceable to N.I.S.T.

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